Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions of Purchase cover the purchase process, warranties, and post-sale between the customer and Urbanlife International Spa LTD, from now on or Urbanlife. The customer declares to understand and accept the terms of service detailed below.


The product or products will be sent to the address specified by the customer at the time of providing the details in the purchase process.

It will not be possible to change the shipping address after 24 hours of the order confirmation. In the same way, any cancellation may be made within the first 24 hours of confirmation of the order.

The customer declares to have entered the delivery address correctly when purchasing. There are no returns or refunds if the customer provides wrong or incomplete information in the order. In case of any error, the customer must give immediate notice in order to receive assistance.

Any customs formalities that must be carried out to enter the purchased product to the country of destination is the absolute responsibility of the customer, who will have to assume the payment of taxes if applicable.


Delivery times are reported in the shipping options available for the product and country of destination, which are estimated time frames and are a reference of average delivery times registered by to date.

The customer declares to be aware that there are factors that may affect delivery times, including possible delays at the Customs office of the country of destination, unexpected delays by the transport company in charge of the delivery to destination, among other factors that may escape the actions of is not responsible for any delays generated from the management of annexed companies during the product delivery process, not is it responsible for delays in customs processes affecting delivery times agreed with the customer. However, we are committed to making every possible effort to solve and accelerate processes.


The products purchased on this site are processed by Shipping of order made on our site is made by Urbanlife suppliers.

The customer will have a tracking code or number, with which he will be able to know the status the shipment of the product is in. Once it is available, this code will be provided by through our platform automatically via email or SMS, as determined by the customer.

Depending on the country of destination of the product, shipping will be made from warehouses of our supplier to the customer’s address directly. This implies an international shipping service, that upon arriving at the country of destination, will have the treatment that local regulations of each country have estimated.

The customer declares to know the current regulations of his country when importing a product, knowing their tax duties and rights. will not take care in any case, of the payment of any tax that is derived from a order made on this website.

Once the product finishes the corresponding processes of entry into customs, the transport company selected in your purchase, or failing that, the National mail company in partnership, will make the delivery to the address indicated in the order.

The customer will be responsible for the correct monitoring of the product, however, undertakes to carry out periodic reviews to the state of every order made on its platform in order to have alerts or pre-alerts of situations within the shipment process and act proactively and preventively before there is any unusual situation.

When a purchase that includes more than 1 item is made, products will be processed individually, handling the shipping of each package as independent of another. This implies that the products may arrive together or separately, depending on whether the products are manufactured by the same supplier, if they are processed jointly, among other factors.


RETURNS: does not make returns by customer retraction. The customer may modify the purchase within the first 24 hours after confirmation of the order, where the customer can modify the order details, shipping address or other relevant aspects.

A period of 24 hrs. will also be considered to request cancellation of the order if required.

Returns will be made in the following established instances:

1.- When there is a manufacturing defect, the warranty will have an extension of 60 days. There will also be the option to change the product for a new one.

This point does not cover damage or deterioration of the product due to misuse.

  1. - When the customer has received a product that does not correspond to the one indicated in the order, if a different product in colour, model or size was received.

To demand a return for any of the above reasons, the customer must provide proof of payment or any other reference to demonstrate the purchase at


At we offer the possibility of changing products in the following cases:

1.- When you receive a different product from the one you bought, either by model, design, colour, or size different from the one indicated when buying, in addition to evident manufacturing defects.

There are no returns, total or partial, of used products.

2.- When you receive a product with factory defects

In this case, you have the option to get a refund or change the product for a new one.

3.- When the chosen size does not fit you.

If you have chosen a size that does not fit you, then we offer to change your product for one in another size. In this case, the shipment costs are at the expense of the client.


If for any reason the product does not arrive at its destination, you are offered the possibility of requesting a new shipment, considering that the delivery period will start again from the date on which the fact is known.

A product may not arrive at its destination in cases such as:

- Product lost by the shipping company. In this case, the shipping company delivers a letter certifying the loss.

- The shipping address is not found by the shipping company and the product is returned to the sender.


If for any reason the product received is evidently different from the one offered on our website, considering colours, design, size or other quality, will offer a new shipment with the correct product at no cost to the customer.


These should be managed only through the contact email:

Proof of purchase must be provided to verify the payment to be refunded to the customer, in addition to all the information requested by the staff of

Once the refund has been approved, the time limits within which it may be carried out are from 5 to 10 working days.


In every order made online, will provide a tracking code or number, with which the customer will be able to track the status and/or location of the product.

Also, commits to deliver weekly reports of the state of purchases made on its website.


Change your product if the size does not fit you.

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