Orders in general: They keep working with a progressive return to normal, delivery times have been updated with better delivery times. Compliance with delivery times is reaching 91%, those orders with delays are around 5-8 days late. We greatly appreciate your understanding!


Our international operators have reported a slight improvement in the logistics chain, take this information into account when purchasing. Delays in orders are being recorded for 5 to 10 working days.


Customs loosen the restrictions for the departure of cargo from the operations centers of the factories and warehouses that work directly with us, that means a return to work in a relatively normal way.

It may take about 1-2 weeks to see improvements in service.


The complicated situation in European countries suggests us to report extended delivery times for countries in this area due to the existing uncertainty. Keep in mind that it is possible to have delays in deliveries when the product you buy has already arrived in your country. It will depend exclusively on the restrictions of your country.


Delivery times have been affected given the global pandemic alarm, please keep this in mind when making a purchase. We cannot report exactly how much your purchase may be affected. We will be reporting in the coming days.


Given the situation generated by the Coronavirus circulating in different countries, we will begin to report some important points that are relevant for you to buy with the appropriate information.

We recommend that you follow the instructions of the authorities in your country to prevent infections. Keep in mind that if the situation worsens, the shipments pending delivery could suffer delays depending on the measures taken in your country.

In addition, we recommend that you stay informed of the measures or restrictions that already apply or will apply in the future in your country.

Recommendations when receiving your purchase.

When you receive your purchase, take some precautions, since the package may have been handled by several people in the entire process that implies that a product leaves its origin and reaches its destination.

We recommend that when receiving your purchase (any purchase, even in other stores) you take the following care:

- Receive it, always keep social distance from the delivery man. Check that everything is in order with your purchase.

- Avoid contact of your hands with your face (eyes, nose, mouth, hair, etc.) after having manipulated the packaging (box, bag, and the product).

- Wash your hands with plenty of soap and water (or alcohol gel) after handling any product received that comes out of your home / office.

If you have questions you can write to us at we will be attentive to resolve all of them.

Take care!



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